New CEO recruited from NCC to EnviroProcess

New CEO recruited from NCC to EnviroProcess

Jonas Wångsell has been recruited as the new CEO of EnviroProcess. He will take up his new role on 15 June 2022, replacing Per Martin, who is leaving the post after 21 years.

Jonas Wångsell comes most recently from NCC, where he for the past 6 years was Business Manager for the specialist department for construction of swimming halls.

- "I look forward to further strengthen the customer perspective (NCC is one of EnviroProcess' customers) and focus on the values ​​that EnviroProcess generates for its customers, says Jonas Wångsell. Sustainable water treatment and water recycling are crucial for our future environment, and it feels fantastic to be able to work with such important issues."

EnviroProcess former CEO Per Martin who will remain in the company, among other things as chairman of the board but also in a more withdrawn role as senior advisor.

- "In my previous role at NCC, I have had very good relationships with EnviroProcess through several partnering projects. Now I look forward to taking the next step in a reputable and industry-leading company with continued great development opportunities", says Jonas Wångsell.

EnviroProcess has worked with water treatment and water purification for more than 50 years and in many ways driven the industry forward. Today, EnviroProcess operates in two business areas, Pool & Spa, and Industry. Common to both is today's higher and higher demands on purifying and recycling water at all stages and stages.

- "As part of the specialist network EnviroWater Group, we have access to unique expertise and can analyze and deliver virtually all forms of water treatment equipment", says Jonas Wångsell. "Here we have a unique position and I look forward to developing it together with the entire EnviroProcess in the future."

About Enviroprocess
EnviroProcess, founded in 1971, is the Nordic region's leading company in water treatment solutions for pools, spas, drinking water and industry. EnviroProcess, formerly known as Processing, is part of the EnviroWater Group, a network of companies with experts in sustainable water treatment.