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The experts for the sustainable and efficient use of water

The EnviroWater Group combines the expertise of multiple companies to form a specialist network for sustainable water and wastewater treatment and processing and recycling.

Our services

We closely analyse our customers’ requirements in order to develop the best ecological and economic solutions throughout the entire life cycle of water treatment.

Overview of services

Target industries

Benefit from our experts’ many years of industry knowledge and technological expertise when developing the ideal system solution for your water and wastewater treatment.

Overview of industries
  • Food · beverages · catering
  • Transport · traffic · automotive
  • Chemical industry · oil · gas
  • Steel · metal · surface technology
  • Life sciences · pharmaceutical
  • Hospitals · laboratories · medical technology
  • Textiles · industrial laundry
  • Mining · ore processing
  • Optical industry · glass
  • Green energy · solar · building services
  • Cosmetics · cleaning agents
  • Swimming pool technology