Our services throughout the life cycle of water and wastewater treatment

We closely analyse our customers’ requirements in order to develop the best ecological and economic solutions throughout the entire life cycle of water treatment.


Process engineering analysis

Process engineering analysis

Our experienced process engineers analyse customer demands, conduct experiments in the laboratory and/or technical centre and provide you with recommendations so you can choose the right process.

Consulting & Planning

We know what’s important when selecting the right treatment methods, consumables or service package.

Before we recommend a plant solution for you, we carefully check the planning fundamentals on the basis of your specifications. In cases where parameters are missing, we can determine them in our own process engineering labs. We then develop a sustainable plant solution that meets your requirements

Design, Installation & Commissioning

Design, Installation & Commissioning

Our experienced project managers plan your plant and coordinate its construction on site. Our installation technicians can call on many years of experience and have taken the required safety training.

Plant operation & maintenance

Our specialists support you with your individually agreed scope of services – without any compromise in quality. We take care of operational organisation, plant optimisation, maintenance and consumables management, liaise with the authorities and manage fees, and even offer an on-call service.

Plant operation & maintenance
Regeneration of ion exchange resins

Regeneration of ion exchange resins

Our ion exchange resins are as individual as your applications, because industrial and commercial processes all have specific requirements and guidelines for desalinated water.

This is why we offer a particular resin or a perfectly tailored resin mixture for each area of application. Our experts know exactly which ion exchange resin is best suited to your application.

Water chemicals

We match the consumables to your individual processes. If required, we can also supply you with individual water chemistry recipes we have developed in-house.


  • Stable processing
  • Minimised operational complexity
  • Optimised solid/liquid separation
  • Reduced operating costs
Water chemicals
Services & Spare parts

Services & spare parts

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians knows what it takes to ensure your water and wastewater treatment plants function reliably.

We work with you to put together the right service package for your plant technology and your cleaning performance requirements.

When it comes to the spare parts and wear parts used, we do not compromise on quality, resource efficiency or reliability.


Digital services

Our WaterExpert digital service platform provides everyone in your team with a complete overview of your plant operation and all processes of your treatment plant at all times. Use our digital solutions to reduce your carbon and water footprint when operating your plant

Digital services
Plant optimization

Plant optimization

We take a close look at the wastewater or water treatment systems. Then we show you optimization proposals, e. g.:

  • Compliance with or reduction of the discharge limit values
  • Plant flexibility in case of load fluctuations
  • Processes and plant engineering in terms of resource and energy efficiency
  • Optimisation of water consumption in production


EDF Fénice Maroc SAS

"We confirm that the dairy's wastewater treatment plant was installed in accordance with recognised technical rules and successfully commissioned. We have been satisfied with the installation and the support of EnviroChemie, the manufacturer of the plant. We recommend EnviroChemie as a competent specialist for industrial wastewater treatment."

Mustafa Ouahdi CEO

"One of the greatest benefits that we achieve with the EnviroChemie wastewater treatment plant is the significant cost reduction compared to the first existing plant. We also benefit from EnviroChemie’s technical staff being available in real time whenever we need support. We are extremely pleased with the wastewater treatment and wastewater management results."

Neil Robertson

“We selected the EnviroChemie technology solution after an extensive technology assessment by Ricardo Energy and Environment based on the options available in the market at this scale. Working in partnership with EnviroChemie has produced a highly innovative solution to achieve our net zero requirements."

Abbey Ecosse
André Rolle Head of Fab Engineering

“Our new, sustainable solar cell production site is equipped with cutting-edge water treatment technology, as well as a water recycling plant, a vital component. This means we can save resources. And it would not have been possible without the impressive work from EnviroChemie and EnviroFALK.”

Dipl.-Ing. Ljiljana Pavlović Cold Storage Manager (Rauch Serbia)

“Both personally and in the name of Rauch Serbia, I would like to thank the team from EnviroChemie for their hard work and dedication. If I am asked which company realises good wastewater treatment plants, I will be happy to recommend EnviroChemie."

Michael Schaible

“With the Lugan wastewater treatment plant from EnviroChemie, we reliably clean our wastewater to the required limits for discharge into the sewer. For plant operation, we use the app WaterExpert from EnviroChemie, which gives us easy access regardless of location."

Stadler Rail AG