Target industries

The water quality requirements posed by the sectors we serve are as diverse as the sectors themselves. Our industry experts work together with you to develop reliable, sustainable plant solutions along with everything you need to ensure your plants run smoothly.

In addition to our wealth of industry expertise, our practically oriented research activities also contribute to the further development of our treatment processes.

Food · beverages · catering

Water is an important raw material for food processing and drinks manufacturing. We treat it in various qualities for a variety of tasks: fresh water, process water, boiler feed water, cooling water or CIP water.

In the catering sector, we ensure pure water for the creation of food and beverages or for cleaning and cooking. The wastewater produced by this sector is often greasy; we treat this water so that it can be discharged into the sewage system.

Transport · traffic · automotive

The wastewater that results from cleaning, maintaining and servicing vehicles and components is oily, greasy and contains heavy metals, and must be prepared safely and in accordance with legal requirements before it can be discharged.

In the automotive sector, we show you how you can treat and recycle water reliably and sustainably while at the same time optimising costs.

Chemical industry · oil · gas

Wastewater from the chemical and petrochemical industry often contains toxic or recalcitrant substances, which are difficult to remove. Thanks to our individual plant solutions, you can reliably adhere to the regulations for direct or indirect discharge.

Alkaline washing processes used for the desulphurisation of oil products in the petrochemical industry produce spent lye, spent caustics or sour water, which contain highly concentrated sulphur compounds alongside toxic organic compounds. Our process water treatment plants ensure seamless production here.

Steel · metal · surface technology

Highly diverse process waters and wastewaters need to be treated in the metal and surface technology segments. Furthermore, treated rinsing water, semi-concentrates and concentrates must comply with stringent legal requirements before they are discharged. We take care of this, and our pure water ensures spotless drying prior to the coating process.

We will be happy to show you our sustainable and cost-efficient plant solutions, which also allow you to save water and consumables.

Life science · pharmaceutical

In the pharmaceutical industry, water technology is subjected to very high quality standards. We help you supply your production processes with water of the very highest quality while also assisting you in meeting all environmental requirements.

We provide you with reliable plants – whether you need ultrapure water for production, process water for utilities or for the treatment of wastewater.

Read more: "From ultrapure steam to wastewater treatment: a wealth of expertise in pharmaceutical water" (PDF)

Hospitals · laboratories · medical technology

Hospitals, laboratories and the medical technology sector need pure and ultrapure water of the highest quality, generated using environmentally friendly and reliable plant solutions.

We reliably remove infectious or active components in wastewater through a sterilisation or decontamination process. Alongside a high level of availability, our plants also stand out thanks to their reduced water consumption and low operating costs.

Read more: "Water management for health facilities" (PDF)

Textiles · industrial laundry

Textile manufacturing and industrial laundries produce various wastewaters, which need to be treated using different methods. Our industry experts determine whether water recycling or energy recovery is possible in your specific application and develop an individual plant solution for you based on your requirements.

Mining · ore processing

Water from mining and ore processing often contains considerable amounts of dissolved and undissolved contaminants, some of them toxic. Mine water that can cause the water level to fluctuate or overflow must be removed.

Our experienced industry experts show you how you can reliably meet the requirements for mine water, rainwater and wastewater using customised plant solutions, as well as how you can recycle treated water.

Optical industry · glass

Large quantities of water are used for cooling in the mechanical processing of glass; this water is fed into water circuits. We examine your processes and highlight potential to optimise your water technology and save costs. The highest level of purity is essential when cleaning optical components; with our rinsing water treatment plants and pure water circulation systems, we have a leading position in this area.

The same also applies for wastewater treatment, e.g. in applications in which arsenic, antimony, lead or fluorine needs to be removed reliably.

Green energy · solar · building services

Ensuring the availability of high water qualities – rely on our experience

When it comes to the sustainable generation of energy, such as green hydrogen, we ensure that the required ultrapure water and circulation water is available in a consistently high quality, even when large quantities are needed. Our experienced experts develop the right water treatment plants on your behalf.

When producing green hydrogen, various water sources can be used for feed water treatment: sea water, river water, surface water or wastewater. We use a range of different technologies and combinations of technologies to reliably supply water in the high qualities required, even for applications such as water recycling (polishing):

- Physico-chemical processes
- Membrane technology such as ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis
- Electro-deionisation
- Multi-stage ion exchanger plants
- Regeneration of ion exchange resins (separated into individual resin types) on site or through our service, in which we regenerate the resins for you and provide you with freshly prepared resins in a fast, reliable and convenient process

For the production of photovoltaic cells and modules, we supply ultrapure water in consistent quality, reliably clean the production wastewater to meet effluent limits or recycle it to enable its reuse.

Our anaerobic reactors allow you to generate biogas from wastewater or liquid waste, thus lowering your consumption of fossil fuels.

In the building services segment, we provide you with energy-efficient water treatment systems for heating and cooling plants. The highly effective water chemicals used ensure a long service life, reduce the amounts of fresh water and wastewater involved and guarantee smooth operation.

Cosmetics · cleaning agents

We support you with the reliable supply of treated water in various qualities, for example fully and partly desalinated water, and offer tailored water recycling solutions.

Highly contaminated wastewater with a high content of surfactants, oils and greases is a typical feature when manufacturing cosmetics or cleaning agents. We develop powerful and individual plants on your behalf – always meeting your requirements.

Swimming pool technology

Our experts in water technology for swimming pools, spas and health facilities supply you with processing technology and equipment for optimum water treatment.

Our treatment systems have proven their worth over many years and offer hygienically immaculate water and energy-efficient operation.


EDF Fénice Maroc SAS

"We confirm that the dairy's wastewater treatment plant was installed in accordance with recognised technical rules and successfully commissioned. We have been satisfied with the installation and the support of EnviroChemie, the manufacturer of the plant. We recommend EnviroChemie as a competent specialist for industrial wastewater treatment."

Mustafa Ouahdi CEO

"One of the greatest benefits that we achieve with the EnviroChemie wastewater treatment plant is the significant cost reduction compared to the first existing plant. We also benefit from EnviroChemie’s technical staff being available in real time whenever we need support. We are extremely pleased with the wastewater treatment and wastewater management results."

Neil Robertson

“We selected the EnviroChemie technology solution after an extensive technology assessment by Ricardo Energy and Environment based on the options available in the market at this scale. Working in partnership with EnviroChemie has produced a highly innovative solution to achieve our net zero requirements."

Abbey Ecosse
André Rolle Head of Fab Engineering

“Our new, sustainable solar cell production site is equipped with cutting-edge water treatment technology, as well as a water recycling plant, a vital component. This means we can save resources. And it would not have been possible without the impressive work from EnviroChemie and EnviroFALK.”

Dipl.-Ing. Ljiljana Pavlović Cold Storage Manager (Rauch Serbia)

“Both personally and in the name of Rauch Serbia, I would like to thank the team from EnviroChemie for their hard work and dedication. If I am asked which company realises good wastewater treatment plants, I will be happy to recommend EnviroChemie."

Michael Schaible

“With the Lugan wastewater treatment plant from EnviroChemie, we reliably clean our wastewater to the required limits for discharge into the sewer. For plant operation, we use the app WaterExpert from EnviroChemie, which gives us easy access regardless of location."

Stadler Rail AG

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