Specialist network

Specialist network

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We are a group of European companies made up of specialists in a wide range of water treatment technologies and sectors. We provide you with individual support throughout the entire life cycle of your plant technology.

The EnviroWater Group is divided into four clusters of experts for.

  • EnviroChemie Treatment of wastewater and cooling water & wastewater recycling (reuse)
  • EnviroFALK Treatment of water, process water & ultrapure water
  • EnviroProcess Water technology for pools & spa sector
  • Enwa Water Technology Water, Wastewater treatment for the Nordics, marine & offshore

Whether standard or customised systems, we will provide you with a reliable and energy-efficient solution that fits your requirements precisely while also preserving resources.



Energy-efficient wastewater treatment with digital support

At its Saarbrücken site, the ZF technology group can run its wastewater treatment with energy-efficient
plant technology and digital support from EnviroChemie.

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Food industry

Reducing the CO2 footprint of wastewater plants

For a manufacturer of snack products, EnviroChemie prepared a study on direct CO2 emissions and indirect CO2 emissions for various sites.

The results show that the EnviroChemie wastewater treatment plant produces significantly lower CO2 emissions than plants at other sites. The plant is particularly energy-efficient due to its process engineering design.

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Laboratory and medical technology

Pure and ultrapure water treatment for central sterile services departments (CSSD). Highest water quality to supply washer disinfectors for instrument and endoscopy preparation.

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Green Tech

Better Solar cells thanks to algae

EnviroProcess supports Swedish Algae Factory, which condicts research into the industrial utilisaion of algae. The contents of these organisms are the basis for an industry of the future: green tech.

Together with the customer, based on a pilot plant, the processes of algae cultivation, such as nutrient preparation, algae cultivation and harvesting are considered and scaled up to a larger production plant.

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Treating vapour condensate – reducing water footprint

A multi-national dairy co-operative wanted treats its vapour condensate sustainably at a German site and thus reduce its fresh water requirements and operating costs.

The water recovered can be used in a variety of ways: as rinse water, cooling tower make-up water or boiler feed water.

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Glass industry

Pure water circulation system for supplying washing machines. For optimal rinsing and washing processes when manufacturing insulating glass.

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Pool & Spa

Water park in a steam boiler

In Västerås, Sweden, a former steam power plant has been converted into a spectacular water park. In addition to the water treatment system, EnviroProcess also took care of the amusements.

The planning and construction of the technical plant and pipelines in the listed industrial building posed a considerable challenge. The large streams of water and raising the water eight storeys high in order to supply the facility with water for its huge attractions were also demanding.

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Treating and recycling wastewater pays off for CWS-boco

CWS-boco was looking for a treatment solution for the laundry wastewater at its Solingen site. It was important to the company that the chosen solution not only be cost effective but also contribute to the conservation of resources so that the laundry’s location was safeguarded for the future.

Every day, 70% of the wastewater is recycled, and every year approx. 1,100,000 kWh of primary energy is saved.

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Energy generation

Boiler feed water treatment to supply the boiler system for steam generation. For reliable operations with desalinated water.

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Power generation

Joint flagship project approaches the finish line

When facing an upgrade of an existing power and district heating plant – Korstaverket - Sundsvall Energi turned to EnviroProcess. In April 2021, the collaboration between EnviroProcess, EnviroChemie and Sundsvall Energi was established, and it would very soon prove successful.

When taken into operation the upgraded plant exceeded expectations. The solution tests have been carried out with excellent results regarding both operation, availability, and performance.

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Surface technologies

Envochem® water recycling plant reduces water consumption by 95%

EnviroChemie developed a recirculation system for Galvamé’s new electroplating plant which treats 95 % of the rinsing water and recycles it as completely desalinated water. 

The sustainable Envochem® ion exchange technology saves more water and resources than conventional ion exchange plants. A special switching process ensures that all ion exchangers are completely exhausted before they are regenerated thus saving on both fresh water and regeneration chemicals.

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Ultrafiltration plant for extending the service life of cleaning baths. For components that require consistently high purity at reduced costs.

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Commercial kitchens

GAHOtech multi water treatment for supplying combi steamers and ice cube production. For spotless cooking areas, exquisite ice cubes and long-term device protection.

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Optical industry

Leica Microsystems lowers operating costs with resource-efficient wastewater treatment

EnviroChemie has installed a new, resource-efficient wastewater plant for Leica Microsystems in Wetzlar, Germany. The new plant replaces an older facility and will treat wastewater containing heavy metals from the production of optical glass and increase the throughput when treating wastewater; moreover, it enables simpler operation of the plant technology.

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Tool and mould construction

AQUAformtech water treatment for supplying the wire-cut EDM machine. For producing complex tool shapes and preventing production downtimes.

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