Expansion of wastewater treatment during ongoing operation

Expansion of wastewater treatment during ongoing operation

Sundsvall Energi is expanding the capacity of its waste incineration plant. EnviroProcess is supplying the wastewater treatment solution.

When facing an upgrade of an existing power and district heating plant – Korstaverket - Sundsvall Energi turned to EnviroProcess. In April 2021, the collaboration between EnviroProcess, EnviroChemie and Sundsvall Energi was established, and it would very soon prove successful.

As a municipally owned company, Sundsvall Energi, has a strong focus on sustainability in its operations. Their demands om environmental requirements and security of supply are extensive. There was a sharp timetable and a short time window for carrying out the technical upgrade. Nothing was allowed to jeopardize the heat supply when the outdoor temperature approaches zero degrees in Sundsvall.

An upgrade of the existing plant also required more water to be treated, EnviroProcess made careful preparations to reach the goal to increase capacity from 12 to 20 cubic meters of waste incineration per hour. The upgraded plant also required water treatment that met new emission limits.

When taken into operation the upgraded plant exceeded expectations. The solution tests have been carried out with excellent results regarding both operation, availability, and performance. 

Project details

Customer: Municipality, Sundsvall Energi
Project management: Cooperation project between EnviroProcess and EnviroChemie, Switzerland.   

Industry: Waste to Energy
Application, WWTP – Waste Water Treatments Plant
 Case: Upgrade of an existing plant from 12 à 20 m3/h
Duration: April 2021 – April 2022

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