Treating and recycling wastewater pays off for CWS-boco

Treating and recycling wastewater pays off for CWS-boco

CWS-boco was looking for a treatment solution for the laundry wastewater at its Solingen site. It was important to the company that the chosen solution not only be cost effective but also contribute to the conservation of resources so that the laundry’s location was safeguarded for the future.

An average of 13,000 towel rolls and 4,700 dust control [TR1] mats were washed and reprocessed at the Solingen site every day. Because the washing volume had increased and therefore more dirt was being washed into the wastewater, the company was keen to implement a sustainable wastewater treatment system.

The customer opted for a plant solution with Biomar® membrane biology, water recycling and heat recovery. The plant is designed for automatic, continuous operation. All process steps, including the various cleaning steps for the ceramic membranes, are automated. A touchscreen is used for operation and process visualisation.


The wastewater treatment plant can treat the highly contaminated laundry wastewater to comply with the limit values according to Annex 55 (laundries) of the German Wastewater Ordinance. Every day, 70% of the wastewater is recycled, and every year approx. 1,100,000 kWh of primary energy is saved.

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