WIKA: Water treatment for measurement technology

WIKA: Water treatment for measurement technology

The delicate components of the measuring devices require highly precise cleaning systems and water treatment in production. When expanding its production, WIKA invested in a new ultrasonic cleaning system. The plant with its seven baths was to be fed with treated water and the ultrapure water was also to be heated to 60°C. The goal: consistently high water quality for the supply of all tapping points via a ring line and buffer tank.

Following extensive consultation, a water treatment concept was developed that supplies the tapping points of the cleaning system and other consumers. In order not to introduce any particles into the water treatment system during the manufacturing process, the entire system was manufactured in a clean room at EnviroFALK. In addition to desalination via reverse osmosis and electro-deionisation, UV radiation and ultrafiltration ensured low germ contamination and endotoxin levels.


The delicate components needed to manufacture measurement devices require ultrasound cleaning baths that are precisely matched to each other. The correct cleaning concept, combined with the well-designed water treatment plant, enable measurement devices to be manufactured in line with the highest quality standards. All process-relevant parameters can also be measured online and transmitted to the building control system via an internet connection.

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